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in the works

Books I am presently working on: 

When I was younger, I always thought if I ever should write a book, it would be a gardening book. Funny, it didn't work out that way. Here is what I am really working on:


- A biography of the Chinese nobel laureate Tu Youyou who got the prize for developing an anti-malaria drug from the common weed Artemisia annua

- A nonfiction book about chronobiology

- A novel about the 16th century Chinese physician and herbalist Li Shizhen

- Translating my novel "Sebastian Kneipp, Water Doctor" into German Translating my "The Diabetes Cure" into German

- Translating into English a children's book that I loved as a kid - about a little boy lost in World War One - A film script about that lost boy - for a perfect Steven Spielberg movie - I wish!

- A non-fiction book about sleep and other natural rhythms

- My Memoirs: My Mother Danced For Hitler ... And My Father Was In The Resistance Against The Nazis.

- But this might only be for my family, not for the public.


Writing down my life bores me as I already know all the stories ... - A novel about the medieval nun, herbalist and composer Hildegard von Bingen And I have written a short story Ellsworth/Maine that wanted to come out of me, but I really don't know from which depths ... and now I am embarrassed ... Which one are you most interested in? Let me know!

Water Lilies at Hall's Pond, Brookline, MA, by Riva Berkovitz