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I was one of those non-thriving babies who seemed fated to perish early.


Against all odds, I grew up (in Hamburg/Germany) and studied mathematics, counseling, philosophy and education.


But only when I turned to medicine, my life interests started to come together and make sense. After a residency at the University of Hamburg Medical School, we came to Boston/USA, and I did another medical training (internship, residency, fellowship) here, finishing with board-certification in Internal Medicine. I also hold a sub-specialty degree in Natural Medicine from my native country.


My patients have been the inspiration to write my books. I have worked in the Boston area as a Primary Care Physician for many years.


Now I still see patients. But mostly, I am writing, give inspirational talks and garden. I live with my family in the Boston area. Oh, and I am a really bad cello player.

Maine, by Alexa Fleckenstein